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Dying Beauty - Underwater Photography - Dead Sea - ים המלח - מתחת למים - יופי גווע

Dead Sea, Israel 

Asaf Amran in his unique style, intensifies the painful beauty of the Dead Sea. Unusual angles, meticulous compositions, clean aesthetics, wonderful locations, while creating an even more spectacular reality than what we are used to seeing with the eye.
The Dead Sea as it is called - is dead and therefore it can be said with certainty that the works of art created in this project show a beauty that no longer exists, has changed or will "die" within a few weeks / months.
So on the one hand the Dead Sea is a unique, beautiful and amazing place and the project presents it at the height of its glory and beauty and on the other hand it is dead" ...
From this tragic story, the name of the project was chosen: "The Dying Beauty".
The ambitious, unusual and long-term project has an impressive and spectacular collection in 4 dimensions *: photos and video in the unique style of photography and processing of Asaf.

* 4 dimensions:

1 - Autumn / Winter / Spring / Summer

2 - Night / Day / Sunrise / Sunset

3 - Stills / Video / Time Laps

4 - Aerial / land / sea photography

Dying Beauty LOGO

The Film 


The film 'Dying Beauty has advanced to an official 2023 Grand Jury Nominee for "Best of" consideration in its competition category in the RICHMOND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

The Nominees are made up of films that receive the highest merit in their respective categories from the preliminary judges and Grand Jury.

One of the most spectacular and invested landscape film produced in Israel, most of the investment of the intensive project that lasted a year with weekly visits to the Dead Sea, was to build materials for the film - timelapse shots, motorized sliders, a professional drone and underwater photography.

The film was produced by original music by Ariella Zeitlin.


The lowest place in the world and one of the most special places in Israel and can be said in the whole world

It is located on the Syrian-African rift, and its center borders the state of Jordan

The salt in the Dead Sea water at a concentration of 10 times the mediterranean water - about 34%


The Dead Sea is of industrial importance in the production of minerals found in water, medical tourism, historical sites in the area (Masada, Kumaran, Ein Gedi, Lot, and more ...)


The sea level is now falling by about a meter and a half every year, which is causing the sea to shrink, creating sinkholes at an increasing rate, significant damage and the irreversible part of infrastructure, nature reserves, coastal retreat, and more.

More details on the efforts to save the Dead Sea :  Dead Sea Guardians

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