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ZOA Gallery named after Devorah Fischer

ZOA Gallery Sep-Oct 2022 

LocationThe ZOA House - Beit Ziyonei America, Tel Aviv

Curator of the exhibition: Shimon Hameiri

Guest photographers:

  • Alex Taubin

  • Miki Spitzer

  • Moshe Filberg

  • Amir Ehrlich

In collaboration with :

  • The Etgarim Association

  • Doron Polak  

  • Dr. Fischer

Opening Evening
01/09/22 19:00


  • Dr Eli Fischer

  • Nir Hacohen - GM Etgarim

  • Shimon Hameiri - Exhibition's Curator 

  • Doron Polak - Galery's Curator

  • Asaf Amran - Artist 


Curator's statement 

The "Dying Beauty" Photography Exhibition

Asaf Amran and fellow photographers exhibiting with him in this
impressive and unique exhibition, made a kind of escape (Escapism)
towards both imaginary and reality, dived into the depths and touched the
very soul of the Dead Sea.
A beauty that is dying - disappearing…
Their uncompromising professional ability, which included many trips to
the area, experimenting with several types of cameras and different
photography techniques, was combined with love, sensitivity and, above
all, caring for the future of the Dead Sea.
As a curator, the selection of the works was not easy at all, on the one hand
to select from the many and good photographs the best and most suitable
ones, and on the other to be careful in preserving the main message for all
those anxious about the beauty and future of the Dead Sea.
Personally, I am very happy about the ongoing relationship between the
members of the Etgarim Association and myself, for their blessed social
work, and no less than that, I was happy about the enthusiastic connection
between Assaf and his friends, and the members of the Association.
From the Englishman William Turner, who during his biblical tours painted
the Dead Sea, to Spencer Tunick, who was known mainly for his works
"Naked World" and chose to photograph at the Dead Sea as well, to Asaf
Amran and his friends, many have immortalized its unique and mysterious,
beautiful and painful landscapes.

I am sure that you also join me in praying, that we will be able to leave the
Dead Sea to future generations as a Sea and not as a ruin !!!

Shimon Hameiri


Etgarim is a nonprofit Israeli organization founded in 1995 by disabled IDF veterans and rehabilitation professionals with the mission to empower and socially integrate people with disabilities through outdoor challenge sports.

The effectiveness of Etgarim's activities has been studied and proven to be a tool for personal empowerment, for strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem, and for expanding abilities in all aspects of life.

Our unique and inspiring activities are made possible thanks to the generosity of our many friends from all around the globe.
We invite you to join the Etgarim family and be our partners in leading social change in Israel.

Etgarim serves all people with physical, cognitive, communication, mental and sensory disabilities from all ages in Israel.

Etgarim’s activities reach communities all across Israel, including the major cities and smaller distant communities. Approximately 5,000 children and youth and 1,000 adults take part in our activities each year accompanied by 1,200 volunteers.

ZOA Gellary

The ZOA House (Beit Ziyonei America) is a leading cultural center in the heart of Tel Aviv. Over the past 50 years, ZOA has become a home for events, conventions, lectures, meet-ups, plays, shows, exhibitions and more. Every year, hundreds of events are held at the ZOA, both local and international, all in the spirit of giving the opportunity for new and creative entrepreneurship to be shared.

ZOA is situated close to the Tel Aviv Municipality, Sarona Market, leading business quarters, galleries, chic restaurants and bars, with conveniently located parking available nearby.

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