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i24 News -  Holy Land Uncovered

"Photographer Asaf Amran takes us along during his day long photo shoot at the Dead Sea, where he captures the majestic - and threatened - beauty of the natural wonder."  by  Emily Frances, Host "Holy Land Uncovered.

i24 News 


14 TV Channel  - Live 

I had the honor to be interviewed on Channel 14 live and share about the huge project that I will present at the exhibition - you are welcome to watch :-)


14 TV Channel  - Live 

It was a great honor for me that the production of the TV show "Three with Yonatan Ohion" asked me to be interviewed - Yonatan was really charming, very accommodating, and surprised with the proficiency he demonstrated - you are welcome to watch :-)



YNET - Under the water: the Dead Sea as you have never seen it before


N12 - Ulpan Shishi

Materials from the project were presented in Mickey Rosenthal's article "Saving the Dead Sea" which was presented in the Ulpan Shishi on 12/16/22.

A week later (12/23/22) Danny Kushmaro mentioned the project at the end of the Ulpan Shishi.


ILTV  - Nature photographer captures breathtaking images

Internationally acclaimed Israeli nature photographer Asaf Amran has spent an entire year capturing the natural wonder that is the Dead Sea. The spectacular shots published in Ynet magazine show the sea in all its many forms.



Proartmeblog  - Interview 


Kan English News

The Curator Shimon Hameiri  Interviewed to Kan English News Radio and share about the project and exhibition 


Kesem Radio (32nd minute)

"You fly with a kick in the ass to New York, it's really on an international level" - that's how Avi Avner sums up in his show "Art is the Voice" on Kesem Radio.

I really had a great pleasure and honor to stay at my father's place, together with Mori Tvik and share about the project and the exhibition.

The atmosphere in the studio was great, a flowing and fun conversation, great and genuine interest thanks to the charming personality of Avi and Mori.

The conversation with me starts at the 32nd minute :-)


Kan Reshet Bet - Radio 

With Ori Levi & Sharon Vexler

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