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ים המלח - טיימלאפס - סליידר - dead sea - slider - timelaps

the Scenes

Asaf Amran - Dead Sea - אסף עמרן - ים המלח


There is nothing more exciting than finding and photographing new, special spots, places that the vast majority of people and even photographers have not visited


Usually, in order to photograph magical places you have to arrive to inaccessible places, explore and look for new spots. , walking many miles in the field, between sinkholes, and all this  with carrying extensive equipment


Some places have mud and wet soil, especially in areas

sinkholes, which makes walking difficult.

In order to photograph a sunrise, arriving in the area is done in the dark , which is in itself pure pleasure - the walk is done with the help of flashlights

Because of the mud and sometimes the desire to shoot out of or into the water, the walk is done with boots


Another challenging thing in the Dead Sea is the moisture and salt that sticks to all equipment, clothing, hands, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a towel, water and wet wipes for washing in the area.


All this great effort is dwarfed and forgotten in front of the view revealed at sunrise

ים המלח - טיימלאפס - סליידר - dead sea - slider - timelaps

Timelaps Photography with Sliders

Time-lapse photography is a technique in which the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than the frequency used to view the sequence.

It is used to show the acceleration of changes over time (establishment of a construction site, office, vehicle traffic, people on a flower blossom street, etc.).

In landscape photography, timelaps give an interesting angle on the changes of nature over time, clouds that are born / moved, stars and the Milky Way that is "born" and moves in space, moonlight that shines and sets.

In the video of the project, there are quite a few sections of timelaps using motorized sliders + a rotating tripod head.

The use of a motorized slider makes it possible to move the camera evenly and smoothly - for example, to move it away from any object.

The use of a rotating tripod head allows you to change the camera shooting angle in different directions - tilt the head down / up / right / left.

The combination of the motors (slider and tripod) in timelaps + pre-planning in what timing they move, in what direction and at what speed - creates a video with movement, interesting, dramatic, original and different.

The big challenge in landscape photography with such equipment - it is the weight and volume of equipment that the photographer is required to carry with him in the field - which is in addition to the usual photography equipment. Quite a few times a tripod and even two are needed to give stability to the slider (it has a lot of weight - camera, lens, motorized head) - more equipment that needs to be carried in the field.

In this video, I photographed a beautiful salt shape at sunrise, the use of a slider was to keep the camera away from the salt over time.

But in order to photograph it, I had to be in the water.

You can see the tripod inside the Dead Sea, a connection of a battery that is glued to the tripod by tape, and a support pillar to the slider that is attached to the slider and the tripod - to allow greater stability of the slider (instead of using two tripods).

צילום מתחת למים ים המלח- underwater photography ded sea

Underwater Photography

For the first time in the Dead Sea, photographing an artistic landscape underwater.

The biggest challenge in the Dead Sea in underwater photography is the density of the salt - 34%, the water is not clear and it is difficult to photograph inside.

The photography is done with the help of a professional underwater camera hosting - it is usually used by divers.

In the Dead Sea there are of course no corals or fish for photography, but there are beautiful salt formations.

The project presents works of underwater photography and a combination of part of the image underwater and the remaining part above the water - the sky / clouds / sunrise.


All this is done in one shot without manipulation.


(*) In the video here, the underwater camera hosting is attached to a tripod, in preparation for a long exposure at night - a combination of stars together with salt formations

drone photography dead sea - ים המלח צילום רחפן - זריחה - sunrise

Drone Photography

Drone photography allows us to obtain stills and video footage from original angles, which was possible until a few years ago only by helicopter.


In the project, I used a drone with the best performance - Inspire 2 and an X7 camera which is a professional drone that is used for filming and commercials.

Beyond the quality it gives, it allows for lens replacement, some of the photos and shots I took I used a 9mm lens - which allows shooting from a wide angle even from a low height.

night photography dead sea  - צילום לילה ים המלח - stars - milkyway  - כוכבים - שביל הלחב

In night photography, the stars or the Milky Way are combined with an object / subject - in the project I chose sinkholes and "mushrooms" as subjects.


Time-lapse photographs at night show movement of the stars or the Milky Way over time. Because of the rotation of the earth on the north axis counterclockwise they seem to move from east to south - clockwise.


In order to prepare for night photography, to prepare the composition, to plan the movement of the slider and the rotating head, it is better to arrive in daylight.


In the project, I highlighted the issues with dim LED lighting that you would place on a tripod.

Night Photography

ים המלח - טיימלאפס - סליידר - dead sea - slider - timelaps



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