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Death gave birth to beauty - The project presents the tragic and painful state of the Dead Sea in contradiction to reality: sinkholes, salt formations (mushrooms ),a lake created by dehydration and even mud - are presented in a spectacular way so that for a small moment the tragedy is not seen and forgotten  
The works present historical documentation - a rare record of what was at that moment of the photograph - what has already changed, will change or will soon disappear

Creating the materials for this extraordinary project was a huge investment - a visit for a whole year (2021-2022) once and even twice almost every week at the Dead Sea
Day, night, sunrise, sunset, in all seasons, in magical places, in sinkholes, inaccessible places, long walks , in the dark, with a lot of heavy equipment. The project was lengthy because it encompasses all seasons, including stills, video, timelaps, drone and for first-time underwater photography in dead sea
Quite a few times back to the same places to achieve the desired result (clouds, colorful sky)

* A number of photos in the gallery below were taken over a year ago

The photos are for sale



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